Wearables that give you Superpowers

By on 2 Oct 2015 . read

Technology is finally reaching a stage where things we saw in sci-fi movies are possible to achieve today. And wearables are definitely part of this change! We all need simple solutions to improve our daily life and the tech we can take everywhere is changing our way of living.

This is a field where imagination has no boundaries and these products are real proof of that. This is our selection of the most amazing wearables:

1. Doppler Lab’s Here Active ListeningThese earbuds let you control the sounds around you so you can listen to the sounds you want to. If you decide, you can be in perfect silence even if in the middle of a crowd.

2. Microsoft HololensAugmented reality (AR) has been around for a while now, but recently we’ve seen many projects coming up (Google Glass, Magic Leap) promising to make it into the next computing revolution. The Hololens is the one closest to getting into the hands of consumers, so it deserves to get the spotlight.

3. Thync Neurosignaling WearableWe all have days when we feel more relaxed, more anxious or even a bit down. Fortunately, someone came up with a shocking solution for those ups and downs. The Thync is placed on your head to (safely) zap your brain and help you change your mood. Yes, it sounds insane, but watch the video before judging.

4. Pavlok WristbandBreaking bad habits is a constant struggle for many people. From quitting smoking, to avoiding Facebook, there plenty of unwanted habits we’d like to replace. This wristband is no regular fitness tracker, it’s goal isn’t to help you track anything but rather to help change your behavior.

5. Myo Gesture Control ArmbandControl the objects and devices around you just using your arm movements. Unlike the Kinect, the Myo relies on electrical signals from your muscles, so it’s much more accurate and doesn’t require a camera pointed at you.

Have we missed a major one? Want to share your experience with your own wearables? Just comment below!